6 Highly beneficial tips to have a long-lasting battery life

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In our busy life schedule, we often use our cars for the ease and convenience to travel, but forget to take proper care of their battery. This negligence can lead to a huge deal of time and energy while facing a deterioration. The battery is the most crucial part of any car, and it demands the need for proper maintenance and cares appropriately so that it can last quite a long time.

Getting stuck with a flat battery during a trip is one of the most terrible things to face. Like any other battery, the battery in your car comes with a limited period, and you need to take proper care so that it lasts a little longer and doesn’t desert you amidst the need of an hour. All you need is the right dealer for SMF Battery in Gurgaon for easy maintenance of the battery.

Practical Tips to Have a Long-Lasting Battery

Let’s dive straight into the matter and closely look into the tips that will help you obtain a long-lasting battery life for the car. You can even contact Amaron Authorized Dealer to get your battery maintained in Gurgaon.

  • Avert Shorter Trips: As you start the car, the battery gains a workout, and eventually, the engine gets recharged during the journey. However, during short trips that are taken quite often makes it is nearly impossible for the battery to regain power. With the continuation of this process for quite often, the battery voltage will gradually decline up to a point where the car can no longer be started. Try to avoid frequent shorter trips and if you don’t use the car regularly, consider investing in a battery charger to maintain the voltage.

  • Check The Location of The Battery: Take out a regular check-up of the location of the battery. Make sure it is located in the mounting position, failing to which may lead to a short circuit. You can even take it for check- buy buying the SMF Battery from the dealers in Gurgaon.

  • Disconnect Terminal: The battery continues to drain gradually even if the car is turned off due to the connection of the terminal path that leads to the completion of the circuit path. If the need arises to park your car for long, make sure to disconnect the terminals before leaving.

  • Inspect Water Level: In busy times, we often forget to check and fill the battery with distilled water. Make sure to fill the battery with the best as it is vital for battery life. You can also get it changed at Amaron Authorized Dealer in Gurgaon.

  • Turn Off the Warning Light: Make sure to avoid driving the car with the warning lights on. The warning lights indicate the need for the battery to be altered or checked. You can quickly get it replaced for Quanta SMF Battery in Gurgaon.

  • Maintain A Clean Battery: Always remember to maintain a clean, dirt-free, and grime-free battery. A dirty battery can lead to corrosion or flattening of the battery due to mild short circuits.


These 6 tips are highly recommended and effective in maintaining the long battery life of the car. You can also get your battery checked or replaced in Gurgaon. Our personal suggestion would be to go for t Quanta SMF and make sure you purchase it from the right dealer. Reason? The reason behind it simple, so that you end up buying batteries from a reliable source indeed which lasts you longer and are genuine.